Crayawns by Mariko   Art work by Dyslexic Children   Painting of normal kids  

Crayawns was originally started to make the appreciators of art, have a feel of the art worth of Mariko. Fans of Crayawns started swelling along with the greeting cards that were sent to her friends all over the world. This process started tickling the Tangerine team to study the relationship between appreciation of art and evolution of brain, Phylogeny and creativity vs Human history and creativity, Complex designs and problem solving ability vs artistic skills as the events like darwins day commemoration and groups like Chennai cell cluster provoked us think further.

One of the important facts we were struck at was the relationship between artistic skills of dyslexic children and their memory of pictures (visually represented stimuli). Society deems them dyslexic. But if they weren't dyslexic we would not have had Artistic Geniuses like Leonardo Da Vinci or Pablo Picasso. Let alone Isaac Newton or Winston Churchill or Albert Einstein. Therefore we wanted to portray the illustrations by dyslexic children beside that of normal children like Mariko.

No one is born in this world without a purpose and our purpose is to bring out the best of the dyslexic children and the normal kids in terms of artistic talents so that their talents could be of a significant contribution to the society.

Thoughts on further improvement are welcome and we are open for association with institutes working on above areas for research and we thank M/S Hope Foundation(Chennai, India) for their support to this mission.

     Copyright (C), Mariko Amikura Abraham & Hope Foundation (Trust)