In collaboration with Nichi-in Products,

& GNC Inc., Japan

"SAKURA Magic" 

India's first 100% hand made, Eco-friendly & hypo allergenic Sanitary napkins

Research & Development in Health Care; Charity & Compassionate Care to the needy

The Sanitary Napkin Project has been awarded The Best project award by the world bank


For the FIRST time in India, a 100% hand made sanitary napkin with Imported SAP Gel from Japan has been made possible with the technological assistance from GN Corporation Ltd., Japan and initiatives and assistance from M/S Nichi-In Bio Sciences (P) Ltd, Chennai India. This has been now taken over by M/S HOPE FOUNDATION, Chennai, India.

The project was originally suggested by Mr. Mathivanan of Nehru Yuva Kendra as he wanted to provide the rural Indian women with a cost effective personal hygiene & care during the menstrual period. A study says only 34% of the Indian? women use disposable napkins and others resort to clothes which is not considered to be a healthy practice compared to disposable napkins.

The picture shows Mr. Sunil Baliwal I.A.S, visiting the manufacturing unit at Arumbugal Trust Premises, having a look at the process of manufacturing 
Education & Economical Empowerment Opportunities to the Underprivileged & Rural Women      
Counseling & Rehabilitation to the Depressed & Oppressed  
Development of Wasteland, Research in Agriculture & Horticulture  

The first manufacturing cum marketing cell was inaugurated in July 2003 by Mr. Sunil Balival I.A.S., District Collector of Tirunelveli District, TN, India, in the premises of M/S Arumbugal Trust, who have been given the training and technical know-how by Nichi-In.


This project of manufacturing is now run in four places on a Franchise basis by M/S Hope Foundation, India by employing rural women and self help groups and the manufactured goods which don't contain any chemical glue have been found to be hypo-allergenic, are now welcome by even the urban population. The Gel contained inside with a very good capacity of fluid absorption and retention makes it a comfortable one with dry surface even after longer duration of usage. With an increasing demand for the product which has a technological advantage and affordable price is likely to make Nichi-In franchise more manufacturing centers as cottage industry which we hope would also give employment to many.

The above project, was chosen for an exhibition by the World bank and was awarded the BEST project award on the 21st June 2004 at New Delhi.
HOPE FOUNDATION is willing to train and give the technical know-how to like minded Self Help Groups, Voluntary organizations, Non-Governmental, Social welfare organizations. Interested people may contact our Chennai office : Tel: 044-23720805, Fax: 044-24732186, or send an email to info@nichiin.com

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