Supporting Stem Cell Research

Hope Foundation supports the research activities on stem cells by Nichi-In Centre for Regenerative Medicine to take the benefits of the bench side developments to bedside through translational research. For details click here

Research & Development in Health Care; Charity & Compassionate Care to the needy
Worlds FIRST stem cell application in a dog (Rambo) was accomplished successfully with the support from Hope Foundation in which autologoue stem cells were isolated and expanded and then implanted surgically with scaffolds. The research work was a collaborative work between TANUVAS and NCRM. For details click here
Education & Economical Empowerment Opportunities to the Underprivileged & Rural Women
Gift of sight- Research in Vision & Ophthalmology

There are thounsands of children and adults with corneal diseases which can be treated with latest stem cell technology. Hope Foundation has been a pioneer in supporting such research and has been a part by contributing to Corneal limbal stem cell work by Sankara nethralaya & NCRM. Click here for details

Counseling & Rehabilitation to the Depressed & Oppressed
Project on establishment of CESBANK
Hope foundation has been working on establishing worlds first corneal endothelial stem cells bank to provide solutions to corneal endothelial disease victims
Our ultimate goal is to develop an artificial cornea:

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Development of Wasteland, Research in Agriculture & Horticulture
Empowering the Budding Scientist

The Fujio Cup Quiz- the one and only exclusive quiz on stem cells conducted every year since 2005 is sponsored by Hope Foundation
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Hope foundation has been funding a research on cell based therapies for cartilage defect and osteoarthritis. One of the work funded jointly with Arthroscopy Study group Foundation has been published in the Journal of Orthopaedics. Further work is on help victims of debilitating joint related disorders which affect their quality of life. Click here for details
Hope Foundation is supporting research and application of Stem Cell therapy for Patients with Peripheral Vascular Disease. One of the works done jointly Vijaya Hospital Vascular Surgery Department on providing Autologous Bone Marrow Stem Cell therapy for 6 diabetic patients with Peripheral vascular disease has yielded positive results and the acclaimed work has been published in a Peer reviewed indexed Journal Cytotherapy. Click here for details