KURUMBUR is a village where I was born; on the way to Tiruchendur from Tirunelveli, in Tamilnadu state of India, blessed with river Tamirabarani from Pothigai hills.

KOFU is a small city where I live now; in Yamanashi prefecture, Japan, surrounded by Minami Alps mountains and scenic five lakes of Mt. Fuji, a world heritage site.

The metamorphosis from KURUMBUR to KOFU, a part of the "fashion of this world" will also pass away.


Yamanashi University – Faculty of Medicine, Japan
Nichi-In Centre for Regenerative Medicine (www.ncrm.org), India
GN Corporation Co. Ltd, Japan (www.gncorporation.com)

Brands, Themes, Groups, Events & Projects:

  1. ADL Energy:
    Activities of Daily Life energy ; a simple but worthy concept
  2. Angre N Nut:
    A cross cultural creative caucus for Music;
  3. Autologous Immune Enhancement Therapy (AIET):
    An immune-cell based treatment for Cancer
  4. Bees Haus:
    Buccal mucosal based treatment protocol for uretheral stricture
  5. Black Hole | Grey Matter | White Space:
    Fill the blanks…
  6. Cellebration:
    The anniversary bulletin of NCRM
  7. Cesbank:
    An eye-for eyes mission to give light to those affected with corneal endothelial diseases
  8. Champ Coding:
    A new avatar of the Japanese Meccul system,  A uniformed coding system for medical disposables
  9. Chennai Cell Cluster:
    A consortium for multi-disciplinary interaction
  10. Clinister:
    A bio-similar based concept with phenomenal potentials as a safe & powerful disinfectant
  11. Crayawns:
    A platform for art worth of Mariko
  12. Denscell:
    Dental stem cell research network
  13. Fujio - Eiji Academic Terrain (FEAT):
    Academic division of NCRM
  14. Fujio Cup Quiz:
    One and Only quiz contents in India exclusively on stem cells since 2006
  15. Globe:
    Japanese languages school for foreigners
  16. GN Corporation:
    A consultancy and investment firm in Japan
  17. Healiday:
    A concept to enhance medical touris; Holiday when you heal = healiday
  18. Hope Foundation:
    A charity organization
  19. Hybrid Cornea:
    A mission to help visually challenged through physico chemical biological interactions
  20. Inventions, Inter-Disciplinary Interactions And Solutions (IIDIAS):
    An interactive session for out-of-the-box ideas among various disciplines
  21. ITCH Repository:
    Ideas Thoughts Concoctions and Hypoteses repository
  22. Journal of Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine (JSRM):
    An official organ of the German society for Stem cell research (GSZ)
  23. Mary -Yoshio Translational Hexagon (MYTH):
    Translational research division of NCRM
  24. Medinippon Healthcare Private Limited:
    An Indo-japan firm providing niche products to healthcare personnel
  25. Meta Niche:
    A philosophy and science of micro and macro environments
  26. Miawmi:
    An autologous cell based anti-aging facial treatment procedure
  27. Muta < Cosm:
    Hypotheses on Ever-Mutating Cosmos
    The anniversary commemorative signature event of NCRM
  29. NGRM:
    Nichi-in Galaxy of Regenerative Medicine; towards a space age revolution of cellular regeneration & rejuvenation
  30. Nichi Glucan:
    Black yeast based health food supplement for those with metabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus and dyslipidemia
  31. Nichi-Hepz Kenko (NHK) Services Private Limited:
    A business services domain firm
  32. Nichi-In Centre for Regenerative Medicine (NCRM):
    An academic institute with Indo-Japan collaboration
  33. Nichi-in:
    A consortium formed in japan in 1998 to start collaborating work between the scientists of India and Japan
  34. Nico Nico:
    Preventive, Predictive and Protective mission trio against Cancer
  35. Sakura Magic:
    100% hand made eco friendly, affordable sanitary napkin for the rural India with SAP gel from Japan
  36. Tangerine:
    An idea for art work propagation from days of Tirunelveli by those from Tirunelveli